Self Portraits by my daughter

I don’t often take photos of my daughter in the studio. But for some reason today my daughter was intrigued. I realized that I actually hadn’t taken photos of her in the studio since LAST Easter! Normally when we’re shooting in natural light I follow her around and let her lead the show – but I couldn’t do that. I had the hardest time getting her to stay put. Normally when shooting kids at her age I have the mom right there to help out. Especially because she kept going for the gold side of my reflector. And walking away to play with it.

I started walking her through the steps. First I showed her how the flash worked, showed her how to trigger the flash (and camera) with the button on the remote. And I put a reflector she was trying to play with on the ground and had her stand on it. She was off! here are a few of my favorite portraits she took of herself!!




Three Reasons Parents Don’t Get Maternity and Newborn Photos Done

I should have really called this blog: Three reasons Megan didn’t get maternity and newborn photos done. Because I didn’t have Maternity or Newborn Photos taken.

Here are three Reasons I didn’t get these photos done:

1. Forgetting to Schedule
I didn’t schedule any shoot for my newborn or maternity photos. I figured I would just do it when I had time. Ezeadi Photography’s Milestone package includes 4 shoots. Once you schedule your first shoot we will be able to help you get the rest of the shoots scheduled for you. We will call you ahead of time to set them up!

2. Don’t see the value in having the photos.
This is a very personal reason – because I have been there. When I was pregnant with our daughter I for one, never felt beautiful. I never felt in a place where I felt like maternity photos were right for us. Now I look back almost two years from making this decision and I regret it. Why? Because we’ve since made the decision we’re not having anymore children and I will never be pregnant agin. I really don’t have something to look back on and remember to celebrate that time in the life of our family. I wish I had documented that with something special.

3. I can just take the photos myself
You’d think, me as a photographer would be I would be able to take newborn photos for myself. Well.. HA! I didn’t end up taking the photos till our daughters was almost 20 days old. A little late in terms of newborn photos. I was too busy trying to figure out how to nurse and to get enough sleep. I should have found another photographer for my newborn photos.

We have set up our Milestones package just for these 3 reasons. Based on my experiences (or lack their of) in getting photos done.

Introducing – All New Milestones Package

If there is any time in your child’s life to spend money on portraits – It’s the first year. I wanted to put a package together to make it easier on you as the parent. I thought about the photos I took of my daughter (and ones I wish I’d taken) and worked out 4 milestones that I felt were the perfect start. Maternity, Newborn, 6months and first birthday.

 $750 Milestone Package include

  • Pre-session consultation to discuss details of each shoot
  • Three 60 minute sessions – Maternity, Newborn & 6 Months ($750 Value)
  • One 90 minute session – Cake Smash/First Birthday ($375 Value)
  • Preview of images within 48 HOURS of each shoot
  • Ten Digital Images ($100 Value)
  • Print and Digital Pricing Lock for the duration of your package

Get more details on the milestones package!

Meet Paprika – Our Family Dog

This is Paprika, our scruffy little miniature schnauzer. We never cut her hair the way its supposed to. We always let it grow out. We love her scruffy. We’ve had her for 3 years now. From day one she’s had more energy than imaginable. She is extremely loving toward our daughter and other children. The other day I was testing some lighting and threw her on a chair. The fact that she held still for so long was a miracle. I felt like I had to share.

I love including pets in my photo sessions. If you have one and we do an in home session – expect me to throw them in the mix!

Perfect Snow

I love snow. I never get mad at snow days. I think there is so much beauty in the perfect white blanket of snow. This morning was no exception. I woke up and within an hour things were canceled. But the possibilities to me where endless. I threw on my snow pants and boots over pajamas and grabbed my camera and took a few shots around my house.

Normally I love my snowy pics to be more B&W like the preview photo, but for some reason this photo of our Japanese maple was really perfect in color. Just that pop of green coming through.


Two Weeks old, Newborn Session in Hamilton, NJ

One of the best parts of my job is when I get the opportunity to meet babies at the start of their life. They are perfect. They are tiny. And just as amazing as the little one, are the parents who are just beaming over their new bundle. These new parents were a pleasure to work with and this beautiful baby girl stole my heart.. especially her precious feet.

Schedule your newborn session!

Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” -A.A. Milne/Winnie the Pooh









Updated Family Photo

My daughter started toddler school this week. One of the things they have is photos of all the families in the classroom. I was looking for a photo to put up and I realized that we didn’t have a current photo of the three of us. I decided to take a photo with my phone to print out. Here is the photo I chose.

V-day Challenge

After posting my New Years Resolutions I was really thinking about the idea of self-image and how I view myself in photos. I knew that the first step would to get me in front of the camera.

Watch the video to learn more about my V-day Challenge!

Ezeadi Photography Valentine's Day Event

On a weekly basis, 3 out of 5 women have negative thoughts about the way they look. Feeling beautiful is the key to being beautiful. Watch the video for our EXCLUSIVE VALENTINE'S DAY ANNOUNCEMENT.

Posted by Ezeadi Photography on Sunday, January 24, 2016

But in all reality – this video really took me out of my comfort zone.

I mentioned in my video that 3 out of 5 women have negative thoughts about their looks each week. As a photographer I see it almost every proofing session. I see women criticize the way they look in a photo. Their husbands or partners see it differently. I would love that as women we could look at a photo of ourselves and see what everyone else sees.